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Client Testimonials

  • Wes Magness – Concordia University of Chicago, Ph.D., Sports Leadership and Administration I successfully defended my dissertation on yesterday. I apologize for not contacting you sooner. I appreciate all of the patience, support and hard work you and Precision Consulting Company provided during this highly stressful process. Without your hard work and diligence I would not have made it! I would highly recommend the services of Precision Consulting Company to anyone seeking to complete a doctoral degree or research papers. As I move into academia I will seeking the assistance of Precision Consulting Company for future research!
  • Jennifer – Capella University, Ph.D., Special Education I wish I would have found Precision Consulting a long time ago. I would have saved so much money and time. I had lost my direction on why I started this journey to begin with as I did not see an end. Jay and the Precision Consulting team picked me back up and got me down the road to completion of the dissertation phase. I would not be where I am at today if it weren’t for all their patience and support. I was so very blessed to have them in my corner.
  • Dr. Jowana Clinkscales – Grand Canyon University, DNP

    I was at the end of my dissertation and in the revision process of my direct improvement project manuscript for my Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. I had used multiple editing services to improve my manuscript. I had previously used a dissertation firm service, and other editors as well as a stats consultant. No matter who I used, my reviewers always found APA issues, grammar, punctuation issues, etc. Each time my manuscript was returned, I had to pay additional money for editing. This was very frustrating to get marked off for items which the editors were responsible for. Another reviewer told me that the statistics were incorrect and needed to be redone. This whole process was draining mentally, physically and emotionally. I was very discouraged because I had gotten all the way to the end of my program and I could not progress and graduate until my manuscript received dean’s approval.

    I found Precision Consulting on a website and I called them. I explained my situation, and everyone was so understanding and encouraging. They explained that they had individuals on their staff who had worked with clients from my school in the doctoral programs and they would be familiar with the expectations of the school. I also loved the fact that they provided me with a contract agreement which said they would continue to work with me until I received the dean’s approval at no additional cost. It was comforting to know that they would stand by their work and see it through to the end. I signed up for their services for editing and statistics.

    My academic consultant was Emily, and she was a complete joy and pleasure to work with. I would send her e-mails with lots of questions and she always addressed each e-mail with professionalism and an accurate response. In some cases, I would e-mail her explaining that I was scared and nervous and she always took the time to assure me that she and her team had things under control. I was very impressed with their work when I received it. I resubmitted my assignment after I reviewed the edits. It came back once with a few minor comments. I fixed them and sent it back to Emily and her team. They reviewed and edited it again at no additional cost. I resubmitted my manuscript again and this time it actually went through and I received dean’s approval. I am so grateful to this company. They are professional, hardworking, and their work speaks for itself. Many thanks to Emily and her team, they are the absolute best. I really appreciate all of their help in assisting me in my academic goals in obtaining my DNP.

  • Stewart Streitenberger – Capella University, Ph.D., Social Work I was very fortunate to discover this company. In my association with the company they have stood by me every step of the way and were instrumental in assisting and guiding me in compiling my research data into a properly formatted and easy to understand result for Chapter 4. They were also critical in helping me create chapter 5 (results chapter). My point of contact with the company Ms. Cathrin Myburgh has maintained weekly contact with me which speaks volumes to the company’s commitment of staying with the student from start to finish of the dissertation process.
  • Donald Day – Grand Canyon University, Ph.D., Nursing I am writing this letter to praise and complement the work of Cathrin Myburgh and her team in regard to their assistance with my professional manuscript. Cathrin’s team was prompt and detailed in their approach to assisting me with the document. All of the issues with APA format and scientific writing were spelled out in an additional document in a most professional manner. Without the assistance of Precision Consulting, I would still be working with the quality department to finish the document. The team asked great questions and had access to a statistician to validate results and provide key methods of presenting data that had been and opportunity in the past. I would recommend any student that needs assistance with any type of professional project use Precision Consulting as their focus is stepped in quality and excellence. Thank you all so much for your help, I am eternally grateful.
  • Eric – Capella University, Ph.D. I had reached an impasse and was contemplating giving up my doctoral pursuits. I contacted Precision Consulting as a last-ditch effort in hopes of saving my doctoral studies. Alex and Matthew were fantastic! They helped me align my literature review and data analysis chapters. They listened to my needs, and they helped move forward in the doctoral process. If I had not reached out to Precision Consulting I would not have completed my dissertation. I highly recommend Precision Consulting.
  • There are moments in life when you cannot do things by yourself, and a dissertation is one of them. I struggled for almost 4 years trying to complete my PhD thesis, but I always received negative outcomes. Everything changed when after looking for help everywhere I found Precision Consulting. They made feel safe since day one. Cathrin, who was the person in charge of my case, demonstrated an outstanding customer service and commitment to get things done correctly. The tutors/analysts took what I had and improved it to the point it was accepted by my supervisor and the university. I recommend their service to everyone, even to those who are not English native speakers like me. Cathrin, thank you, this was possible because of you and your team. I wish Precision Consulting all the best.
  • Sherri Brinson – Capella University, Ph.D., IT Education When I reached out to Precision Consulting, I had received a letter from Admissions stating that I have basically run out of time to complete my dissertation. Working a fulltime stressful job, I knew that unless I completed my research, analyze my results, write my dissertation, and defend my research, all I would be left with is no doctoral degree and tons of student loans. Cathrin Myburgh and the Precision Consulting team emailed me almost on a daily basis to hold my hand through the process. They were instrumental in reviewing my work, guiding my thoughts, ensuring I understood data analysis, and even checking to see if I had a good day at work. I was successful! I can honestly say that I owe being called “Dr. Brinson” to Cathrin and her team. If you have reached the end of your term and you received that letter saying you have run out of time – Call Precision Consulting!
  • Bob – Newburgh Seminary, Ph.D., Education I recently received word that my doctoral dissertation had passed final muster. Needless to say, I am ecstatic. I’d like to once again, not only thank Precision, but the entire team that worked with my document. I must confess, and beg for absolution, that I was not the easiest client Cathrin or Precision has probably ever dealt with. In fact, I was down right hostile. I have asked Cathrin for forgiveness, and once again, offer here my personal apologies. Needless to say, Cathrin’s professionalism pushed to make this possible. She oversaw a piece that needed much work, and was able to deliver what was asked for. Her thoroughness, belief in the system, and work are to be highly commended. I stand before you as a newly minted doctoral (Ph.D. in Education), student, and it wouldn’t have happened without Cathrin and her team of quality of editors. I thank them for their patience and belief in the system.
  • Felix Quayson – American International College, Ed.D.

    I first searched online for editing companies after my dissertation committee required that I should hire a professional editor. The fact is that, I first payed huge amount of money to an editing company, which did not go well after a failed dissertation editing service. When I came across Precision Consulting, LLC on google search, I immediately clicked on their name and did not hesitate to give them a call. To my amazement, from the time I spoke to Cathrin, she listened to me with respect and caring. She assured me that everything would be fine, and in the process, motivated me. I forwarded my dissertation to Cathrin, she immediately knew what was wrong with my dissertation. She gave me a price tag of $2,200. I did not hesitate. I immediately told her to go ahead and start working on my dissertation. I called-in every week to check on the progress of the editing, maybe twice a week. Throughout the whole editing process, Cathrin was honest and a competent professional. I enjoyed my service with Precision Consulting and I have recommended Precision to several of my colleagues for their dissertation editing services. After a few edits with my dissertation committee, my dissertation was approved, and now, I am a dissertation stress-free student. I am now a Doctor. Thank God for Precision and thank God that Precision was honest with me at the very start of our editing service agreement.

  • N. V. – Biola University, Ph.D., Psychology

    I just wanted to thank Dr. Zeiger for her assistance with my project. I am happy to say that I passed my dissertation data colloquium last week and my committee said they were very impressed with my presentation of the results. Thanks to her answering my questions, providing explanations of the data and the output I was able to explain the results to them with no problems and do additional analyses using the same steps that were shown in the output. Thanks again!

  • Ryan Gardner – Argosy University, PhD, Psychology

    Thank you very much Precision Consulting for helping me complete my Ph.D. program! I had been stuck for almost a year on my Results chapter, and it only became worse after my methodologist said that I needed to use SEM to analyze my data instead of what we had agreed before. At this point I just became desperate, with the prospect of having to learn a very user-unfriendly stats analysis software that happened to be the only one that could run what I needed. Fortunately I found Precision. Alex and Dr. Zeiger helped me not only complete the analysis, but also taught me everything I needed to make modifications to the analysis on my own. They also helped me prepare my oral defense when the time came. They’ve simply been invaluable, there’s no way I could have done this myself. I’d recommend them to anyone having problems with their stats analysis.

  • Marcus Johnson – Walden University, PhD, Criminology

    I was at my wits end with my dissertation and was I worried I was going to be delayed AGAIN. I put my faith in Precision and they didn’t let me down. They told me they had experience with Walden and they didn’t lie, I flew through the process with only one minor revision that they handled for me in a matter of days. I’m so happy that I found them and that they could help me wrap up all my hard work! Much thanks to their very talented and thorough Head of Academic Editing, Dr. Peter Rosenbaum.

  • Benjamin Adleman – NSU Fischler school of Education, EdD

    I actually tried another service before, and every time my adviser kicked back my work for structural, analytic, and style problems. It wasn’t until I spoke to Nick that I was able to see how far I was from getting approved; I needed a full rework of both my case study analysis as well as the statistics model. It took a while to get done properly, but in the end I was able to get my degree, and I couldn’t have done it without Nick and Precision’s help. I couldn’t recommend them more.

  • Rosario Gonzalez-Jackson – NCU, EdD

    After four straight months of trying to get my Concept Paper approved through NCU, I had barely even gotten through the introduction. I was one step from giving up when I found Precision and Nick. After just a few months, I received approval for my entire Concept Paper. I don’t think I could have possibly done that on my own and am very grateful. Precision then worked with me with the rest of my dissertation and within 15 months, I had my degree in hand. I was very happy with the personal communication I received and the fact that they knew the process even better than I did. In fact, I remember when I first called to speak with somebody, Nick took time to go over what a realistic timeline was and what I needed to do. Until that point, I was so focused on trying to get my first approval that I hadn’t considered the entire process. Without that assistance, I might have made a few errors that I’d have regret. So thank you again and I highly recommend your services and will continue to send my colleagues to you for help!

  • Christine Pallas – Walden University, Ph.d Clinical Psychology

    I am literally just a few short weeks away from completing my doctorate at Walden University. I cannot emphasize enough the tremendous help I received from Precision Consulting on my statistical analyses, explanations, tables, and everything else that goes along with this very challenging chapter. I originally hired a different company that was less expensive. After approximately waiting for 6 weeks for something to be returned to me, I ended up having to fight to get my money back, file complaints, etc. I was feeling pretty defeated at this point but decided to try again. I sent in a request to Precision Consulting and received a phone call the same day. Within 1 week I had the completed work. There was 1 minor comment from my committee. I emailed Alex and asked if he could help me with it and I received the corrected information back the same day. Everything else was spectacular. Weeks later I even received an email from Alex just asking how I was doing with the process (wow! great service after the fact). I would highly recommend this company to anyone completing a thesis/dissertation. They are extremely expedient and amazingly knowledgeable!!!!!

  • Kai Guttenilli – Northcentral University, EdD, Education

    I truly cannot get over how friendly and helpful these people are. It seemed like everybody knew exactly what he or she was doing at all times. I went to Precision after having my concept paper completely ripped apart by my mentor. She made comments all over the document and basically told me that if I really wanted to pass this phase, I needed to contact someone to help me. She recommended Precision to me after having seen many other candidates going to them for help and returning with ridiculously improved work. After looking through my mentor’s comments, it was pretty obvious that I wasn’t going to be able to continue on by myself. It seemed like there was just so much work to be done still, and I felt as if I’d come to a standstill in my project. My motivation was definitely fading and I felt so lost and unsure about so many aspects of my paper. The second I spoke with Precision everything changed. They even went beyond the professor’s comments! Best money I’ve ever spent! Also, a special thanks to Clark, who reassured me multiple times and made this process significantly less painful!

  • Mary Gottard – Walden University, PhD, Psychology

    I strongly recommend Precision Consulting’s service to any graduate student facing the daunting task of writing a dissertation. I was forced to change the emphasis of my dissertation from a quantitative research study to a mixed methods curriculum project. Precision Consulting has been my guide through this difficult journey. In the middle of my curriculum project, the university changed the requirements for the dissertation. It was no problem to Precision Consulting. Within days, I had suggestions to meet these higher requirements. Their methodology and data analysis sections were outstanding. My committee has commented on the excellence of these sections. In addition, the APA editing was simply the best I have seen. Thanks to Precision Consulting, my dissertation meets the high standards required by my university and has reduced dramatically my stress level. It is money well spent to hire a professional organization that produces such outstanding results!”

  • Julie McPherson – NYU, PhD, Political Science

    After having a pretty horrific experience with another firm, I decided to switch over to Precision for help with my dissertation. I honestly wish I could go back in time and just choose them in the first place, and avoid all of the wasted time and money I invested in the other company. Most remarkably, they corrected everything that the other company had butchered. Precision was definitely a breath of fresh air compared to all of the stress I experienced while working on my dissertation. I am not the best writer out there, but in this case it did not matter. Though I tried to do a lot of the editing myself, I knew that I wasn’t efficient enough to get my dissertation to the level of perfection it needed to be at. Precision was very understanding of my previous experience in seeking editing assistance, and they assured me that their experienced team of editors would have no problem getting what I needed done. And let me just say, boy did they get it done. They pointed out and corrected errors and issues that I never would have found on my own. And they didn’t stop there – they also gave me in-depth advice about the specifics of my project, going completely above and beyond any grammar or formatting protocol. If you need help, you need to go to Precision. They understand this process like no one else and will truly deliver the most high quality work you’ve ever seen.

  • Benyamin Gold – Drexel University, PhD, Management

    I just recently completed my doctorate and started my new position, and I really wanted to take this opportunity to thank the team at Precision Consulting to get me through it in one piece. I was doing my doctorate part-time while working, so I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to edit, and revise the document. After the 5th time my dissertation was kicked back to me for APA and formatting errors, my chairwoman recommended Precision as an editor that had helped other students get through to final approval. They were as good as their reputation and the work was rapidly approved; they even gave me suggestions on areas that could use a bit more research or discussion, and went over my dissertation defense powerpoint completely free of charge. I would fully recommend any student stuck on the last few hurdles to contact Precision so that he or she can graduate with a peace of mind.

  • Thomas S. – Capella University, PsyD, Clinical Psychology

    I found Precision while seeking assistance for/with the data analysis and results sections of my dissertation. They gave me an AWESOME price that was extremely competitive, and I knew right then that Precision was the way to go. I called up the company and spoke with Clark, who discussed the entire process with me and understood it like the back of his hand. He not only got my project whipped into shape, but he also answered the TONS of questions I had for him. And I had A LOT of questions, to say the least. He helped me with everything ranging from information about the process to questions about which software/programs I needed to use to thematize and analyze my data. A task that seemed like one of the most daunting things I’d ever had to do was literally second nature for him. I am so incredibly grateful that I found Precision, and will be forever thankful to Clark for sticking with me and getting me through all that work!

  • Lucille Hansbrough – University of Michigan, MSN, Nursing

    If I didn’t find Clark, then I wouldn’t have completed my degree…. I am sure of this. When I called Precision, I was facing the 6th set of revision requests on my proposal. My study was originally qualitative (case study), then was switched to quantitative (survey), then switched back to qualitative when we found that an appropriate survey didn’t exist. Clark helped me to create a qualitative study using grounded theory (rather than a case study), and I was approved on the first submission after this change. I then consulted with Precision for my analysis itself (grounded theory is hard!), and they also did the final edit of my dissertation. During the 6 months or so that I worked with Precision, I probably talked to Clark 20 times, sometimes at great length. He helped me to understand every bit of the qualitative analysis, which as I said, was very difficult for me. But Clark worked with me until I was totally comfortable, and so the review process for me was a breeze. I’m quite sure I knew more about grounded theory than anyone on my committee. I would recommend working with Clark and Precision to anyone, especially anyone doing a master’s in nursing as I was (they’ve worked with hundreds of nursing doctorate and MSN candidates and so were very comfortable with the subject matter of my study).

  • Darlene Collins – Argosy University, PhD, Psychology

    Precision Consulting was extremely prompt… I never had to wait on them. They took care of my Chapter 4 (Data Analysis and Results), and they seemed to respond like it was a piece of cake. It was a mixed methods study and they mostly helped on the quantitative part. I did the design, developed the instrument, completed the research, collected the data, and sent Precision Consulting the results in an Excel file. I used an online survey tool. They took what I provided and gave me the tables and explanations. I reviewed their draft, and it went back and forth a couple of times but they were very prompt – often the same day. I prematurely paid them in February but didn’t need them until June or July due to the revisions required by my committee. They kept in touch with an occasional e-mail to see how I was doing and when I expected to need them – that was nice. Oh, at one point I did get frustrated because I thought they made a big mistake and called them. I found out I did not understand what the data was really saying. Martin was super patient in explaining everything to me until I got it. What a relief. I also got a tiny bit of guidance from Precision Consulting on my Chapter 3 research design. I asked them to look at my design and see if I was on track, even though I contracted them for Chapter 4 only. Once they gave me the Chapter 4 content analysis back, I kept asking questions to understand the data as it was presented. They were so helpful and friendly. They also helped draft the PowerPoint presentation for my final defense. I mostly dealt with them via e-mail until the very end, when it was necessary to have several phone conversations. I don’t know if I could have done it without them – certainly would not be done this year. I am not an expert in statistics by any stretch but I feel very smart on my work. I am completely confident in how I will do in the oral defense. If you considering Precision Consulting, they are the best – go for it. Worth every penny!

  • Louisa Leban – Barnard College, EdD, Education

    I’m so thankful that I found this company, literally everyone I had contact with was knowledgeable and professional. I felt very comfortable with them through every step of the process, so when they asked if I was willing to share my experience with them, I was happy to share my journey. After feeling like I wanted to give up completely, I spoke with Clark who talked extremely patiently with me through my entire qual analysis, we talked through the reasons I was using the method I was using and why, and what other methods/techniques I could use to improve my study. His knowledge of qualitative analyses was clearly evident, and how he applied them to my specific study really showed his expertise. He remained attentive to any issues I faced, and was my main contact throughout the process. I am now proud to say that I have a Phd in Psychology and I owe a lot to Clark and the team; they handled my project with Precision!

  • Katie Edwards – University of Phoenix, PhD

    Precision Consulting’s professional staff have been a blessing in disguise. Granted, I was worried in the beginning, but my goodness the end results have relinquished my stress and are worth more than the titanium pennies I spent. My gratitude cannot be expressed in words … rather my actions … and because I cannot physically give each of the members of this exceptional staff a hug … I extend my virtual arms and send all of you a might BIG smile! The quality of work produced in the guaranteed turn around time was extraordinary. They hit every mark without hesitation and faithfully stuck with me to the end. My defense was smooth sailing with no questions from my committee, and I credit this accomplishment to the very competent staff at Precision Consulting. They not only aided me in my final product but also in my conceptual understanding of the practical applications of qualitative analysis (using NVIVO). Forever Grateful.

  • Angela Montserrat – Capella University, PhD, Public Safety & Administration

    Boy am I glad I found Precision!! I had been working on my own with my mentor at Capella and it seemed that I was going nowhere. Ever since they changed to this new Research Plan process, I felt like I was making no progress at all with each review. I ended up wasting two quarters trying to get the darned thing approved. Finally, I called Precision and spoke with Clark. He knew all about Capella’s unique process. At first, I was shocked because I didn’t even know that much and it was my school, but he explained how it can be confusing and helped calm my nerves a bit. Once I started working with him, I could definitely see that there was a lot I didn’t know that I should have! I was going about my study all wrong and was trying to do a qualitative study on Emotional Intelligence before Clark helped me realize that you can’t qualitatively measure EI! Without that insight, I would have kept banging my head against the same wall. Nobody at Capella pointed that out even after approving my first two RP sections. Thank God I had help though and it only ended up taking 1 quarter to get my RP approved. Clark then stuck with me throughout the proposal and analysis and in under a year I had my PhD. Thank you Precision!!

  • Michelle W. – Vanderbilt, EdD, Education

    I have never before worked with more competent and efficient people than those at Precision. After being frustrated for months on end with my statistical analysis, I finally bit the bullet and turned to outside assistance. Precision was highly recommended to me by a colleague and friend upon hearing of my struggle to get approved by my committee. I called them up immediately and they completely understood the urgency and significance of getting my analysis in tip-top shape. I could not believe the level of efficiency and professionalism that this company exhibited throughout this process. Not only did they get my work done fast, they got it done right. After months of frustration, the committee finally approved my analysis, and I could move on to the next step in the process. These people certainly know what they’re doing, and the work they return absolutely exemplifies this. I am so grateful to my friend for recommending them to me, and I would like to extend that recommendation to others as well. Go with Precision, you will not be disappointed!

  • Nancy P. – Walden University, DBA, Business & Management

    I’m so glad I reached out to Precision! My school gave me almost no preparation on my statistical analysis and I was totally lost. Frankly, I don’t even know how my proposal got approved in the first place! My data was a mess, and I had no idea how to use Surveymonkey or any software really; I was completely panicking and had nowhere else to turn to. I couldn’t believe how easy it was after I contacted Precision; they were able to export the data into a clean file and walk me through the analysis, step by step. The Results were immediately approved and defense was a breeze! I can’t recommend them enough; they saved me thousands of dollars and so much stress; I only wish I had contacted them earlier so the first couple chapters weren’t such a nightmare to get through committee.

  • H Eqbal. – University of Auckland, PhD, Medical and Health Sciences

    I am an Indian PhD student in Australia. After I completed the data collection stage of my thesis, I came up with extensive numerical data with no obvious meaning. So, I was faced with the discouraging mission of doing the data analysis part. Even though I tried it by myself, I didn’t feel capable. After a few months with this problem, I began searching for someone in Australia and/or America to help me with my data. After few days, I found dozens of websites and I started e-mailing them. The only one that I felt happy to deal with was Precision Consulting. I reckon myself the luckiest student to have worked with these helpful people. They did more than I had expected; I’m very happy with my results chapter, and I recommended Precision Consulting to all my researcher colleagues. –

  • Carl Lenhart – University of Phoenix, DBA, Business & Management

    I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am I found Precision. Just three months ago I was completely stuck on my dissertation proposal. I had spent a year devising my study, and thought I had a very well thought-out methodology… until my chair returned me my manuscript with 150 corrections. I spent the next 6 months trying to address her concerns, and after 4 re-worked versions of my proposal, with no end in sight, I was ready to give up. Luckily, a fellow student recommended that I call Precision Consulting. This changed everything. Martin and the rest of their team were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They suggested a change to my methodology that finally made my chair happy and allowed me to continue to the next phase. I am now collecting the data, which I hope to have ready for next fall. I’ll be definitely using Precision to help me run and interpret the data analysis, as I can’t afford wasting time any more with endless revision from my chair. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

  • Roseanne Kayle – University of Wisconsin-Madison, EdD, Education

    One of the first emails I got from Precision Consulting when I reached out to them said “we’ll help you become Dr. Kayle in no time”. Today, after having successfully defended my dissertation, I can attest to the truth of this statement. The wonderful people from Precision helped me not only complete my literature review (thank you Clark!) but also my complex data analysis methods (thank you Dr. Zeiger!). When my mentor suggested I use something called “Latent Class Analysis” for my dissertation, I was like “uh oh”. However, Clark just breezed through it. He helped me complete the analysis and discussion in a mere two weeks, and it passed my chair’s review with flying colors. I then also hired them to help me prepare my defense so that I could properly explain the stats from my dissertation. Again I was stricken by how smooth this went and how easy everything seemed to their team. I hands down recommend Precision to anyone struggling with their dissertation, or just about anyone who wants to make their doctoral work truly shine.

  • Katherine R. Moore – Trident University, PhD, Health Sciences

    I used the professional services of Precision Consulting for the past year during the completion of my PhD program (this included my military tour in Afghanistan). Based on their outstanding performance, I wholeheartedly recommend their services in statistical analysis to anyone needing assistance in their PhD program or other work. Not only did Precision Consulting properly advise me of the right statistical tests to use, but they also ensured I understood why, and were able to answer any questions I had regarding the statistical interpretation for my dissertation work. In most cases, their recommendations far exceeded that of my professors, who were always impressed with the statistical tests performed. My background in Statistics is minimal, however, due to Precision Consulting’s superb support and unlimited professional rigor I was able to complete my dissertation on a very complicated subject and for this I am completely grateful.

  • Joe Donnovan – Northcentral University, EdD, Education

    I was doing great on my own at NCU until I reached the concept paper phase. It took some time for me to reach out for assistance but after having my paper returned to me for the umpteenth time, I knew I needed help. When I called Precision, I had no idea that they’d know so much about exactly what I was going through. I spoke with Martin the first time I called and he immediately knew all about my process and helped me feel better about having my paper returned so frequently after receiving nothing but As in all my coursework and comprehensive exams. It was amazing how he knew almost immediately what the reviewers would focus on and he pointed out where we should start working together. We pinpointed the areas that were reviewed harshly and after a few initial conversations about my study and how it wasn’t a good idea to focus on students since it would only lengthen my dissertation process, Martin and I settled on a fairly easy approach to my topic. Instead of trying to get IRB approval for student surveys, we agreed to instead do a qualitative case study on teachers, parents and administrators. I’m very thankful for this change since it allowed me to get through the IRB review (not to mention the concept paper) in no time. He stuck with me throughout the remainder of the concept paper and I am certain there’s no way I could have gotten through it without his help.

  • Jessica Ruiz – Capella University, PsyD, Clinical Psychology

    I came to Precision several months ago after having my dissertation proposal rejected for the second time. I thought I had a pretty strong proposal, but after being rejected twice, it was clear that I needed help. At this point I was discouraged, frustrated, and feeling defeated. I reached out to Precision and instantly felt relieved and comfortable about my proposal, which was great because I had been worrying and stressing myself out over it for quite some time. Precision was extremely thorough in editing my work. In less than a week they returned my proposal to me completely formatted in APA and completely edited for grammar, which I needed the most because English is not my first language. They went above and beyond to not only to make me feel comfortable and confident, but they returned my project in better condition than I ever expected. Every detail down to the commas was examined. I literally could not have finished my degree without the help of Precision. Thank you Precision for helping me achieve my goal and for guiding me through a difficult but extremely rewarding process! I could not recommend them more!

  • Michael Mullen – Argosy University, Ed.D, Education

    After being told by several instructors at my university that my dissertation proposal needed a great deal of work, I decided to turn to Precision after having researched several different options. Prior to starting my Ph.D, I knew very little about APA format, and this was certainly reflected in my proposal. It seemed like every single detail had a style rule, and I struggled big time to remember all of these rules. After battling with APA, I knew I needed assistance if I was to get through to the next stage. Though I was expecting high quality work to begin with, I was completely taken aback by how much improvement was made to my proposal. I thought for sure that I would have a significant amount of work to do even after seeking the help of Precision, but they took care of the proposal so well that I had almost nothing left to do. My proposal was returned to me promptly and perfectly pristine in every way. I even received complements on the improvements from the same instructors who had previously told me I needed much work. The level of effort these people put into the work they take on is unprecedented. After putting my proposal in their hands, I felt completely confident that a massive burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this company, and will gladly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

  • Anna Prescott – Northcentral University, EdD, Education

    When I handed my Prospectus over to Precision for editing I definitely didn’t expect them to find so many errors! They literally inspected every element of the document that there was to inspect. They were so detail-oriented!! They fixed my multiple comma splices (and by multiple I mean throughout the entire Concept Paper and annotated bibliography!) and even took the time to individually check every single reference in my reference section. My concept paper passed immediately and I was on to my proposal, a whole new challenge. And yes, I came back to them for help with that, too. Once again, a job well done. My proposal was also accepted very quickly. All I can really say is thank God for them because they seriously saved me with all of the little, but significant, errors they found. If I could carry them around in my pocket I would! They literally know this business better than anybody!

  • Johnathan Windvall – University of Pennsylvania, PhD, Political Science

    My school requires that all doctoral candidates consult an editor before submitting the final version of their dissertation. My advisor gave me a list of firms and editors to consider, and after researching Precision a bit, I knew they’d be a perfect fit. I cut the timing a bit close, but Precision was able to get my project back to me very quickly. I’m so glad I went to them because my project proved to have needed more work than I initially thought it would. At first, I was merely going to them because my university required it, but I ended up absolutely loving the services I received. If I’d known how helpful they were before then I would have used them for help with the previous phases of my project. Thank you times a million, Precision! You are some of the most helpful and friendly people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

  • Robert Brenin – Walden University, PhD, Health & Human Services

    If you work a full-time job and are working toward a degree, then you know first-hand how little time there is to devote entirely to writing, editing, and completing your dissertation. Precision’s services worked out so perfectly for me, since I really had no free time to concentrate on my project. I can’t even properly express how much of a lifesaver they were for me. My full-time job is extremely demanding of my time and energy, but with Precision’s help I was able to concentrate on my work while they took care of my project. These people were simply great, an absolute pleasure to work with. My proposal passed and was accepted with flying colors, and I even received compliments on how perfect it was, down to the smallest detail. If there is one thing I know, it is that I would not have been quite so successful in this process without the help of Precision.

  • Anita Adriano – Argosy University, DBA, Business & Management

    I don’t speak the best English, as my native language is Portuguese. My advisor told me multiple times that though my proposal was good, it was not good enough. She told me this was due to my grammatical skills. They weren’t bad, but she said that my less-advanced skills made my project difficult to read. I’ve pretty much been flagged for my grammar my entire life since I started learning English, so I wasn’t knew to the idea of having someone else proof read and edit for me. Precision got the job done right and they did it fast. Within days after I called them I had my proposal back and in awesome shape. It was polished and cleaned up in every way it needed to be. I have nothing but the best things to say about Precision.

  • Brian Dunphea – Northwestern University, DBA, Management

    I am a doctoral candidate, a full-time employee, and a full-time parent. My dissertation was quantitative in nature and involved a great deal of statistics, numbers, and programs that I was not entirely familiar with. The only time I could work on my project was when my children went to bed and after I had gotten home from work and gotten all of my domestic duties out of the way. I was pretty much at my wits-end with my project. Not to mention, I felt like incredibly confused about the quantitative aspects of my project. I am certainly not a computer whiz, and the statistics programs I had to use to group, categorize, and thematize my data were daunting and overwhelming to say the least. This is where Precision came into the picture for me. They assisted me with every aspect of my study, and took care of the difficult work involved in fussing with the different programs. Not only this, but my school did not provide a very detailed template for how my project was supposed to look. None of this was a problem for Precision. They assured me that they could help, and they certainly delivered. Everything was taken care of, and quite quickly I might add. I can’t thank Precision enough for how much they helped me! I was able to spend more time with my children and concentrate on other things while Precision took care of my project issues.

  • Tanya Birch – Walden University, PhD, Social Work

    These people know the dissertation process inside and out. I am thoroughly convinced that there is no project, big or small, that they can’t tackle. I’ll be the first to admit that my project was pretty much a mess when I first found them. I honestly found them right in time. I couldn’t believe that my proposal was still being rejected by my committee after 5 large sets of revisions. I honestly felt like I was at a dead end and was very disappointed. Nobody enjoys having a roadblock get in the way of them achieving a big goal. However, Precision literally lifted the road block and got me through. They were so understanding, and I honestly believed that they know this process better than anyone. They exhibited nothing less than the utmost professionalism. Thanks to them I will soon officially have Ph.D in my title. I couldn’t thank the team more for their help.

  • Gary Ackerman – Northcentral University, EdD, Education

    I needed help editing my Concept Paper so that I could move on to the proposal phase of my Ph.D. When I first called up Precision I had no idea how to format in APA, since I primarily used MLA formatting for past projects/assignments. I didn’t even have a solidified or set-in-stone topic, really. It was sort of all over the place and dipped into quantitative study topics when it was supposed to focusing on qualitative ones, since my study was qualitative in nature. To say the least, I was lost with all of this. Precision guided me through the process entirely and also helped me nail down my study focus and methodology section. What I ended up with after working with them was focused, specific, and flawless. I was able to move right on with no problems to the Proposal phase, all thanks to Clark and the team at Precision. Thanks again guys!

  • Juliette Ranieri – University of Arizona, PhD, Art History & Education

    Working with Precision was a godsend! It was like having my own personal mentor/tutor to guide me through this very complicated Ph.D process. I worked primarily with Clark. He knew exactly what he was talking about, and clearly knew and understood the entire process I was going through. He was always available to talk and clarify aspects of the process with me. This man definitely knows what he’s doing. I still have a couple of more phases to go through since I’ve only gotten through my Prospectus, but you can bet that I will be enlisting the help of Precision from here on out. Thank you Precision for all of your efforts and assistance!

  • Megan Annaldo – Teachers College, Columbia, EdD, Education

    Precision was not the first firm I consulted for help with my dissertation, but it did become the last. I did several parts of the process with another company, but I honestly felt like they didn’t care at all at me. They didn’t take the process seriously, and were completely unsympathetic to the stress I had gained since I started working toward my degree. I eventually decided to look around and find someone else to help me with the additional phases I had left to complete. I don’t know exactly what it is, but something about the way Precision talked to me and treated me just felt right. I was instantly at ease. It really seemed like everyone I spoke to knew exactly how I was feeling, just as if they’d been through the process before. Needless to say, they certainly took care of me and delivered on their promises. I was so relieved at how much guidance I received! I am not a grammar freak, and I’m probably not among the world’s greatest writers, but Precision made it so that it didn’t even matter. I was so happy with what they delivered to me that I even went back to them again for other projects and the consequent phases of my dissertation process. I’d give them my business any day, and if I could get more people to choose them, then I’d do that, too.

  • Bruce Grossi – Walden University, PsyD, Clinical Psychology

    I firmly believe that I would not have achieved my degree without the help of Precision. My study was mixed methods, so I essentially worked with both Clark and Dr. Zeiger for various parts of my study/dissertation. They were both so incredibly helpful! I couldn’t believe how much they understood. My university has a very, very specific format and list of procedures that must be strictly adhered to in order to get approval. Precision knew the procedures and format completely, which instantly raised my confidence level with them and significantly reduced my anxiety over the project. I thought it was funny that they knew more than I did about my own university’s processes, but honestly that just goes to show how good they are. Since I finally got my proposal approved after three separate and enormous revisions, I’ve been telling friends and colleagues who are also working on their dissertations to go to Precision. Clark and Dr. Zeiger: thank you for helping me make my dream a reality!

  • Michelle Garth – Northcentral University, DBA, Business & Management

    I called up Precision in desperate need of assistance with my quantitative analysis. When I spoke with Clark Guo, he was so attentive and knowledgeable. He and I talked for quite some time about all of the details of my project. He asked me lots of questions and listened attentively while I voiced the myriad problems I was having. He knew exactly what I was talking about and got my work going super quickly. Everything I had struggled with for months on end was solved in a matter of days. Precision was quick, efficient, and pleasant throughout the entire process. I couldn’t have chosen a more qualified firm.

  • Lisa Marie Esperitu – University of New Hampshire, PhD, Music Education

    I still can’t believe that the initials Ph.D. are now in my name. Since I was young I dreamed of one day going to college. Who knew I’d end up with my Ph.D. one day! I found Precision while looking around for some basic editing services for my dissertation. My university actually requires all Ph.D. students use an editing service before the submittal of the final dissertation. It wasn’t hard for me to make a decision on who to go to. Precision came to me highly regarded by a very close family member who recently received his Ph.D. three years ago thanks to the help of Precision. This family member has very high standards, especially in regards to his academic work, so I pretty much knew right away that if Precision was all right in his book, they’d be okay in mine too. They found things I definitely never noticed before and fixed them to perfection. Now, every time I see the letters Ph.D. next to my name, I smile and thank Precision for their help. Thanks again, Martin!

  • Mario E. – University of Phoenix, PsyD, Clinical Psychology

    I never really felt like my dissertation was that difficult to complete until I got to the methods section of it. For some reason I struggled relentlessly in this section. My mentor would constantly tell me, draft after draft, that my methodology was wrong. I was apparently lumping together methods that were qualitative-based, when I needed to be choosing and utilizing quantitative methods. I was so frustrated because my mentor told me I needed to do more research on how quantitative methodology worked, but this was crazy because I’d already read up so much on it. It was pretty clear that this was going to be a battle. However, I found Precision just in time. Clark Guo helped me almost immediately upon my initial phone call. He knew what I needed better than I did it seemed. He had a very experienced team of analysts go through my project and remove all qualitative methodologies and provide me with suggestions of quantitative ones instead. When my mentor looked at it again, both he and I were both relieved. So glad that this one chapter didn’t hold up my entire process. All thanks to Clark and his great team of analysts, of course!

  • Rob M. – Northcentral University, EdD, Education

    I am a Ph.D. candidate in Math Education. After I completed the data collection phase of my dissertation, I was faced with the daunting task of building and testing a confirmatory statistical model. I am well-versed in advanced, graduate-level maths, but I didn’t know the first thing about this type of modeling. Even when it came to a descriptive statistical analysis I didn’t feel competent. I got onto the Internet and began to search for someone out there who I thought might be able to provide professional help with this sort of task. After researching many, many statistical consulting services, I came across the website of Precision Consulting… My intuition told me that Precision Consulting would most likely be able to offer me the much-needed consultation that I was confronted with. I unquestionably made the right decision: The quality of work and attention to detail that Precision Consulting provided me with was as professional as it was impressive. The words that they advertise on their website are true to form: “nothing is too complex for us” and “we offer unlimited support.” Their actions are indeed their word. The folks at Precision Consulting are gems to work with and extremely patient as well. They are a well-polished team. I count myself most fortunate to have worked with these incredible people.”

  • Dean Haxton – University of Phoenix, PhD, Political Science

    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated working with you and your statistical team. I was thrilled and relieved to learn that you could provide statistical support as well as other supportive services as I completed my doctoral dissertation. I can now feel confident that my statistical analysis was completed thoroughly and accurately. Finally, I am so thankful that you helped me to completely understand the results, and that I will be prepared to defend my dissertation when the time comes. You have been a lifesaver!

  • Anne Ross – Radcliff, PhD, Criminal Justice

    I was at my wits end with another online statistical consulting firm and was ready to give up. Thank God for Precision Consulting; I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t discovered them! Their turnaround time is extremely fast plus they are responsive, accurate, and available if you need to talk with them regarding the work they have done before and after the statistical analysis. The other firm I had worked with was responsive until I paid, and then after that I could not get a hold of anyone. When I had finally received my results sections weeks later, the information was incorrect and it had to be redone, but there was no one to be found. Thank God for Precision Consulting – they are wonderful!

  • Angela Morris – Nova Southeastern University, PhD, Family Therapy

    In the midst of finishing up my thesis for graduate school, the process began to become very stressful. I was not for sure how to begin my secondary analysis, and I started to search for help via the Internet. During my search, I found Precision Consulting and saw how qualified their services were. In comparison to various consulting firms and private statisticians, Precision Consulting provided excellent service for a reasonable price. Clark Guo communicated with me during the entire thesis process. If changes or additions needed to be made, he remained in close proximity. I am very thankful for finding Precision Consulting and would recommend their services to anyone!!!!!! I was very pleased with the finished product and I was able to graduate within the timeframe I wanted.

  • Jordan Cheban – Northcentral University, PhD, Social Work

    Precision Consulting helped me successfully graduate and earn a PhD. I enjoyed working with this firm because they were able to take care of all of my needs. They helped me get my Dissertation Proposal approved and also assisted me with Chapter 4 (Findings) and Chapter 5 (Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations), along with getting ready for my oral defense. There is no doubt that this company not only saved me money but also saved me time and helped me graduate sooner than I originally expected. If you are working on earning a doctoral degree and would like assistance with this process, I would recommend you give Precision Consulting a try.